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Let us make global BIM sourcing a success for you

With a lack of local BIM skills within the UK AEC industry, we saw the need to seek these skills on a global scale, and provide businesses with the support needed to enhance productivity through BIM. Our desire was to help businesses to make global sourcing work for them by eliminating expensive challenges and setbacks.

Engaging with hundreds of global resources from India and South-East Asia, we rigorously tried and tested each one of them to see if they could meet our highest standards. We discovered that only very few could get close to our demands.

Harnessing the power of global BIM sourcing will leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles, as long as you have the right partner and strategy firmly in place.

Andy McKay, Managing Director

Whilst realising the significant benefits this highly efficient work flow provides, it was clear just how challenging it can be if they are not sourced and managed correctly. This was the starting point for Digital Inc. We have worked with our trusted resources over several years, and built solid working relationships with them, spending countless hours, days, weeks and months refining their skills and service quality.

Managing Director, Andy McKay took his idea of introducing these highly efficient workflow practices to the UK and Europe, and turned Digital Inc. into the ‘one-stop shop’ for quality, trusted global sourcing BIM and productivity solutions.

Digital Inc.’s core goal is to work in partnership with its clients, enabling fast, cost-effective BIM implementation and production methods.

How we work

Define – Divide – Deploy – Deliver

Although we have extensive experience of how outsourcing should be applied effectively to Architectural, Structural & MEP projects, we have been in our clients’ shoes and completely understand all the challenges and concerns they may have on their journey. Combining best practices from our experience with the processes and preferences of our customers results in a bespoke process that works perfectly for our customers and their projects.

Depending upon whether the project entails CAD drafting / CAD detailing or 3D BIM modelling for all sectors, the process is crystallised and continually refined for ongoing improvement and enhancement. Our process follows and is supported by a range of key activities, including but not limited to the following:

1. ESTABLISHING the relationship

As with any new relationship, it takes regular communication and face to face engagement to build trust and rapport. We want to understand our clients’ business and get to know the people who make it tick, what currently works well and identify where we can make improvements.

2. Understanding the requirements

Be it a specific project, training or general consultancy, we identify our clients’ requirements and can help simplify the tasks and identify the most efficient solutions.

3. Estimating program and fees

Upon identifying the most cost-effective solution, we attain a number of quotes from our separate teams and experts. In order to provide the most competitive and realistic fees and program, all of our quotes are third-party sense checked prior to presenting them to our client.

4. Commencing the project

When an instruction to proceed is given, we ensure the best team is ready to commence on the given date. We can mobilise within days (if not immediately) and our team will be fully briefed.

5. Client and team engagement

During the project it is important our production team maintain close communication with our client. Our team will keep the client informed of progress and where any clarifications are required. Our clients can continually monitor progress and provide feedback, amendments, changes, etc. directly to the team as they so desire.

6. Quality control & assurance

Prior to any final delivery, all of our work goes through a rigorous 3 stage quality checking procedure. It is even stronger if our client has engaged regularly during the project keeping check on progress and quality.

7. Delivery

When all quality checking has been carried out and corrections made, our team will deliver a ‘final draft’ version of the project to the client. The client will check all work to ensure completeness and all tasks have been carried out as required.

8. Client approval

Once the client has inspected our work and is satisfied with the final product, we raise the invoice as per quoted fee. For even further savings, our clients typically engage our man-month solution for on-going support.

With the support of Digital Inc., small-to medium–sized practices can rapidly upscale their workload using our vast, highly talented team of BIM experts and Technicians. Highly-skilled directors and employees are free to focus on the design, business development and the management of projects, rather than getting caught-up in laborious documentation and modelling.

At Digital Inc., we are truly passionate about BIM and increasing our clients’ productivity – helping them grow their businesses rapidly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance

More than just a process

When you engage with Digital Inc., straight away you get a sense of our highest quality standards. This is because we believe quality starts with communication, client understanding and professional empathy. As we say, quality is more than a process, it is how we make our clients feel.

As we are a London-based business, we understand the service you require and we ensure your expectations are consistently met, if not exceeded. Communication techniques with our teams in India are highly tuned and focused for the UK market. Through Digital Inc. you receive a polished, highly refined service reassuring you of a quality deliverable with minimal input.

1.0 Internal Quality Checks

1.1 All team members working on a project are supervised by a Senior Architect, Engineer or Technician and their work is continually checked and managed throughout the project.

1.2 Prior to issuing anything final, we have a dedicated internal quality checker who’s sole task is to ensure all aspects of the task have been carried out correctly, accurately and in accordance to the client’s specifications and requirements.

2.0 UK BIM Expert Quality Report

2.1 Upon our team completing and checking their work, they issue to one of our local/UK-based BIM experts who will carry out a secondary, comprehensive quality check. This is usually carried out and delivered as a report highlighting any issues found and a general health check of the BIM model.

2.2 This report will be returned to our team in India for them to carry out the necessary corrections and showing them as resolved within the report.

3.0 Client’s Quality Check/Approval

3.1 During the course of the project, we encourage our clients to regularly check-in on our teams progress to ensure everything is on track and to the required specification. This provides a level of security and confidence for both our team and client.

3.2 When all quality checking has been carried out and all corrections made, our team will issue the final deliverable to the client. It is here the client can carry out their own checks to ensure they are satisfied with the final deliverable. As the client knows best as to what is required and what particulars are imperative, they may identify any issues that require amending or refining. From here our team can carry out any updating as per the client’s comments to ensure satisfaction prior to the client issuing forward.

Trust & Partnership

Opportunities increase when you help others win

We firmly believe the more we can help our clients succeed and grow, we succeed and grow with them. This, however, takes more than just being a supplier to our clients, this takes a strong partnership that is built on integrity, trust and transparency.

As we are connected to the industry’s best resources on a global scale, with our several teams in India and local experts in the UK, we offer a service like no other. With our reach and expertise, our clients know they are always receiving the most competitive quotes with realistic delivery programs. Unlike many others in the global marketplace, we promote honest, open and transparent communication at all times.

We rise by lifting others.
Robert Ingersoll

At Digital Inc. we have the privilege of working on many exciting projects, some of which are extremely confidential with strict security restrictions. Our clients’ privacy is utmost important to us and we can adhere to any privacy policies required for certain projects and/or relationships. As our services are considered an extremely competitive advantage, some of our clients wish to remain silent for understandable reasons. This is why we we do not broadcast nor disclose who our clients are without their prior consent.

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