Digital Inc. | Our First Two Years

With Digitalinc coming up to its 2nd birthday, we thought it was a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come since February 2015.

Looking back, from first identifying a skills – and knowledge – shortage in the UK building industry, to exploring the global sourcing of these skills, to seeing first-hand how Engineers in India were embracing the technology, now seems like a few short steps.  In reality, bringing all of this together was the culmination of many years of industry experience, in-depth research, and creating working relationships across both cultures.

Since opening our doors, with only a handful of clients, we have now worked on an enormous range of projects including cutting-edge civil engineering projects, high profile retail units, housing association developments, and conservation and heritage projects.

Along the way, we’ve helped companies formulate and implement a successful outsourcing strategy.  This in turn has seen these organisations develop and expand their own client-base, increasing their profitability and their workforce.  This is what it’s all about for us at Digitalinc.

BIM, too, has developed rapidly in the two years, with the Government’s Level 2 mandate coming into effect in April this year.   Having worked with BIM technology for several years, it’s been fascinating to see this take shape.  It will be even more fascinating to see how it develops.

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We have the expertise, knowledge and resources of the industry’s biggest BIM Consultancies – but with a distinct difference.  By forming teams of engineers specifically brought together to work on your project, we are able deliver the highest quality product, within the tightest timescales, at the most competitive rates … and all with a personalised service.

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