Prefabricated Park Homes, Stately Albion

Stately Albion are Europe’s oldest and largest manufacturers of prefabricated homes.  In a strategic partnership with ATD London they approached us to develop and implement a new BIM strategy across their organisation. This began with the development of an LOD500 Revit model template for a typical park home design.

As part of their business growth strategy, Stately-Albion were keen to adopt BIM and Revit technology to streamline their design and documentation systems.  Although the company had limited knowledge of the software and its potential, we worked closely with them at each stage, demonstrating the complete process – from concept to costing to immersive visualisation of the finished product.

Using client drawings, which were made available to us as and when possible, we produced a Revit template for one of their prefabricated designs.  Having to develop the model ‘piecemeal’, as we received each data file, presented a unique challenge.  However, by working ‘on demand’, our project team was always ready to work as soon as the client provided us with the information.

As this is a prefabricated building assembled in a factory, all structure, MEP and architectural components had to be modelled to fabrication detail with associated data integrated to all of the elements.  The template house was modelled to be 5D-ready, and included detailed information on materials required and the associated costs.   The 5D Building Information Model allowed the client to see the design and construction process, and understand the effect that any changes would have on quantities required and costings.

Throughout the project, we worked alongside the client, offering assistance and advice on BIM and Revit technology, and its implementation into their manufacturing systems and workflow.


  • Limited 2D documentation and data available creating difficulties in building an accurate 5D model that could be easily modified with selectable finishes and details.

  • Drawings and details were ‘drip-fed’ to the team over a long period of time.  The model therefore progressed in segments, meaning the project team needed to work completely ‘on demand’ to ensure the project was completed on time and on budget.

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