Digital Inc. – Bringing BIM Services to the On-Demand Economy!

Much has been written about the on-demand economy – but what is it, how does it translate to BIM services and consultancy, and how is Digital Inc. a part of it?

The ‘On-Demand Economy’ is a highly-successful business model, working across industries all over the world.  It can be defined as “the instant and pervasive access to goods and services, tailored to meet the individual’s needs.”  In practice, it brings together resources, as and when needed.

There are many high-profile examples and early-adopters of the On-Demand Economy – the best known being Uber, Airbnb. They co-ordinate a wide range of services into a ‘one stop’ solution to your problem (looking for a taxi, finding somewhere to stay).

Most examples are business-to-consumer, but the On-Demand Economy has now matured and developed enough to enable business-to-business services to make the most of this way of working.

By accessing specific resources on an ad hoc basis, companies large and small are becoming more productive and more efficient, ultimately giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Small businesses can draw on the skills and knowledge of experts whenever necessary, helping them increase productivity (whilst remaining lean and agile), and thereby, boost their profits.  Larger companies have discovered the cost benefits of this way of working, meaning they can become more streamlined, whilst offering clients an enhanced level of service.

Digital Inc fits neatly into this model, enabling companies to access the on-demand economy on a global scale.  Our teams of experienced skilled engineers are brought together specifically to work on your project – on demand.   We have the most optimised resources from around the world, giving you access to our comprehensive BIM and CAD services –  consultancy, point cloud modelling, 3D laser surveys – precisely when needed.

In previous blogs, we’ve looked at the BIM Services skills gap and its effect on BIM take up.  We’ve seen how investing in BIM software and training can be prohibitively expensive, especially to smaller companies operating on tight profit margins.   But by engaging with the on-demand economy through Digital Inc, you’ll have access to that one-stop BIM solution, allowing you take advantage of the talent and expertise you need, in the most cost-effective way.

Welcome. Your BIM growth starts now!

We have the expertise, knowledge and resources of the industry’s biggest BIM Consultancies – but with a distinct difference.  By forming teams of engineers specifically brought together to work on your project, we are able deliver the highest quality product, within the tightest timescales, at the most competitive rates … and all with a personalised service.

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