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Digital Inc. is a superior 3D laser scanning and BIM Survey solution. As specialists in managing the technology, we deliver comprehensive BIM Surveys through all stages of planning, design, construction, and management. We provide the AEC industry with leading BIM survey expert teams on demand. By adapting the highly successful on-demand business model, we provide the highest standard of BIM-ready surveys with rapid delivery times at far greater value.

Utilising the latest 3D laser scanning technology and processes, Digital Inc. efficiently deliver accurate, detailed surveys in a BIM-ready format. Our dedicated team of BIM survey experts are highly experienced in this field and our BIM-ready surveys enable design and construction to be carried out with far greater assurance than ever before.

Our cost-effective BIM survey solutions will…

  • Mitigate design and construction risks
  • Enhance knowledge of existing conditions
  • Reduce uncertainties and site checks
  • Enhance coordination capabilities
  • Enable better understanding of design limitations
  • Provide a highly accurate record of as-built conditions
  • Reduce overall design and construction costs

Capture, Create & Coordinate

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning has become the standard method of capturing highly accurate measurements rapidly and unobtrusively for the built environment. Coupled with greater computing power and software processing means capturing vast amounts of high quality data is much more cost-effective.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning…

  • Rapidly capture vast amounts of data
  • Improved survey accuracy and precision
  • Safe capturing of data in hazardous conditions
  • Enable remote virtual site investigations
  • High detail data improves decision-making and designs
  • Enable accurate off-site fabrication
  • Quickly verify and compare construction against design

BIM-ready Modelling

To produce a comprehensive BIM-ready model from point cloud data, it must be constructed by BIM Technicians who understand Architectural and Engineering technology. Incorporating this critical factor to our BIM-ready survey model production is what we believe sets us apart from other survey providers.

3D Survey Deliverables…

  • BIM-ready Architectural, Structural & MEP models
  • 3D Solid CAD models
  • 3D Topography, contour & DTMs
  • Wireframe and surface models
  • 2D plans, sections & elevations
  • 360 Panoramic images, TruView & FaroScene
  • Construction Verification Reports
  • 3D Oil & Gas models

BIM Survey Applications

Having rich 3D information provided in a BIM-ready format means far more versatility and applicability for accurately coordinating design and construction. Our BIM-ready survey models can cater to the following applications..

  • Design & Coordination
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Deformation Analysis
  • Pipeline & Underground Utilities
  • Construction Verification
  • Fabrication and Reverse Engineering
  • Cost & Quantity Estimation

Prior to commissioning a 3D Survey, we guide and advise our clients on the practicalities in order to optimise the deliverables. It is extremely important to ensure expectations are set and achievable requirements are specified to maximise the benefits of a BIM-ready survey.

These models are of much better quality than our previous surveyors

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