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We provide Architectural support services through all stages of design and construction.

Our highly skilled BIM & CAD technicians can reduce workloads, enhance capabilities and production, and deliver a first-class service – at costs far lower than specialist in-house teams.  Clients can then focus their internal resources on design and project management, whilst boosting their capacity to deliver more projects with even greater efficiency.

  • CAD to BIM

  • BIM Coordination

  • Clash Detection

  • Sequencing

  • Quantity Take-offs

  • Construction Details

  • Lease & Marketing Plans

  • GA Plans

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Interiors & Fit-out

  • Prefabricated Units

  • As-built Records

Our Architectural support services can be applied to each stage of construction, individually or throughout the whole plan of works.

The initial form and function of a building requires both stakeholder and planning approval. Our on-demand support can rapidly improve the visualisation, communication, and design intent of the project. To assist in critical decision-making, stakeholders can experience an immersive environment to visualise and “walk-through” the proposed design options.

Design and coordination can be dramatically enhanced through BIM software and our optimised processes.  We can support your design team by creating the LOD300 BIM, and producing fully coordinated Architectural models with annotated drawings.

Technical design models (LOD400) require a specific skillset, and knowledge of building construction and systems. Our engineers can produce LOD400 models either directly from a design developed model and/or from 2D drawings and sketches.

Typically supporting the main contractor, we can provide LOD500 BIM deliverables. Generic objects are replaced with manufacturers’ objects, and essential information re-linked to include specified details. Clash detection and coordination can be carried out to mitigate construction risk.

We carry out verification of installation to match the BIM, using 3D laser scanning and point cloud coordination. To provide true as-built records, we can produce photographic reports showing inaccuracies and/or amend the model to reflect the precise installation layouts. The model represents the as-constructed project, with all necessary information (maintenance and operation records, commissioning certificates, health and safety requirements, etc) included in handover documentation.

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