An accurate 3D representation of your new building project will be the first time that the whole process will seem real. A proper model can be created and plans can be visualised once this aspect has been completed.

Investors, shareholders and any other people of interest in the project can begin to see a return on their investment of time and money.

At Digital Inc we are a leading provider of scan to BIM services. This is a vitally important element of the project which allows you to adjust, assess and amend.

What’s the importance of scan to BIM for a building project?

The number of people involved in a building project – no matter its size or scale – will be huge. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process to ensure that you have as much information about the project from a visualisation angle.

BIM allows you to coordinate models too. As part of our extensive BIM management services that covers training and audits, implementation and delivery plans, we can make sure the model works in correlation with the whole project, its location and its surroundings.

We use our expertise to turn our laser scanning services into a visualised BIM model of your project.

To discover the power of our 3D laser scanning services into BIM and the importance of our accurate results, get in touch and book our team at Digital Inc today.