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At Digital Inc., we stand by these three fundamentals; Implement, Support, Succeed. In order to enhance and support your BIM capabilities, correct training and implementation strategies are the first and foremost requisite on your BIM journey.

Our caring and nurturing support is what sets us apart; we are by our clients’ side to ensure they are gaining maximum benefits from BIM and the expertise they require.

BIM Management

We provide a wide variety of services related to BIM Management and digital workflows. The following services are all part of our expertise..

Defining the Use of BIM

  • Employer’s Information Requirements

  • Asset Information Requirements

Supplier Assessments

  • Pre-contract BIM Execution Planning

  • Supply chain capability Assessments

Information Management

  • Post contract-award BIM Execution Planning

  • Task Information Delivery Plans

  • Master Information Delivery Plans

  • Model Production and Delivery Tables

  • Common Data Environments

  • Information management workshops

  • Model validation for COBie production

  • Model integrity checking

  • Federating COBie outputs from design consultants

Coordination Management

  • Model federation

  • Coordination support / clash detection / issue identification

  • PDF, Excel and BCF reporting of model issues
  • Issue management using online collaboration platform

  • Coordination workshops

Additional Services

  • BIM implementation support

  • Model audits / review

  • Documentation review

  • Interoperability support / testing

  • Checking of IFC Geometry and Data

  • Solibri Model Checking and analysis

  • Common Data Environment Solutions

  • Revit Modelling guides and standards

  • IFC Support

  • UK BIM Level 2 Fundamentals

BIM In-house training

Get on the right track from Day 1 with a well ­constructed BIM Roadmap & Company Standard.

We construct and standardise the best BIM workflow through our extensive knowledge and experience. We train according to your needs, keeping costs low and relative.

Increase the skills of your own BIM team with hands-on courses tailored to your unique project or circumstances.

Clash Detection & Model Coordination

Coordinating models supplied by Surveyors, Architects and Engineers is a crucial process. It can have a significant impact on the construction of the building if not carried out correctly.

Utilising Clash Detection software (such as Autodesk Navisworks), elements in the design potentially causing clash issues will be identified early in the design process, thereby minimising the risk of time-consuming delays on site.

Our customised clash reporting format, clash tracking system and accurate detection of clashes makes this one of our most desired service. A dedicated Clash Manager is allocated to each project, who documents and tracks the status and history of each clash.

Clash Detection Services

  • Navisworks Clash Detection
  • Revit Clash Detection
  • 3D Clash Detection
  • 2D Clash Detection
  • Clash Resolution Services


  • Project phasing simulations

  • Site management

  • Lean scheduling

  • BIM driven prefabrication

  • Visual validation for payment approval

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes have helped countless firms in diverse industries operate more productively, produce higher-quality work, attract more talent and win new business. With a rising number of government and commercial organisations mandating BIM, now is the time to consider implementing BIM at your firm.

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