Q&A with Mike Bartyzel

UK BIM Lead and Associate Director, BuroHappold Engineering

What drove your interest in Kinship, and what were the challenges you were looking to address?

We went to the market looking for a third-party application to help manage Revit content.

Our challenges were ‘discoverability’, and the need to avoid the duplication of work and effort.  When Kinship’s development team introduced us to the product, we saw its potential straightaway.

Initially, we signed up for a pilot which we ran within the Building Services team.  This proved so successful that we made the decision to adopt it throughout company and moved to an enterprise agreement for all our Revit users.

Very quickly, we discovered that we could analyse data from the entire Revit library!  Kinship has provided us with new project insight and allowed us to easily identify problems.

It’s still early days to see what can be achieved with access to this level of project data.  But we’ve been impressed at how Kinship has given us access in ways we haven’t seen before.

What has been the reaction by the team/Revit users?

Both users and managers quickly realised the benefits of Kinship.

Our teams now have the content they need “at their fingertips” and are able to access it from all project files.  Kinship has also enabled us to develop a company-wide content curation process and helped define the best families to use in each instance.

Has Kinship shown a financial impact and return of investment for the firm?

Yes, definitely.  It has driven savings right across the team.

To start with, it has significantly reduced the time spent looking for Revit families, and the number that have been duplicated.  When it comes to problem-solving and accessing the data behind the model, I would say Kinship has paid for itself several times over.

Kinship has also had a surprising impact on the IT department.  They are now able to run health checks on models, identify bad content, and see who uploaded it.  It showed that one project had not been rehosted for two months … but there had been over 1,000 saves.  It’s like a weapon for the IT team!


Overall, what is the general impression of Kinship?

Extremely positive.  Unlike some of the other solutions we looked at, Kinship is very intuitive, making it easy to use and understand.

It remains out of sight when not being used, quietly collecting data in the background.  We’ve seen no performance issues and users reporting Revit as normal.

Do you have any comments on training, implementation or support?

We get great support from the Kinship team.  Response time is fast, and any issues have been handled quickly and comprehensively.

All of our users were fully trained at the very beginning, which was all included as part of the software subscription.

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